Tandoor Indian Grill is a traditional, innovative Indian cuisine balanced by an array of exotic spices. Tandoor offers a perfect blend of northern and southern dishes in an inviting atmosphere of modern elegance and sophistication.

Tandoor Indian Grill is a labour of love for Jyothi and Raj Duggineni who share a pure passion for food, a relaxed embaracing hospitality and and an eye for deatail. Jyothi built her footsteps by organising different private weddings, several events at most famous Grand America and Lacaii.
With the help of respected partners Tandoor opened it's doors to public on 26th July 2007. The focus of Tandoor is to offer traditional Indian food with a local flavour and seasonal ingredients. Tandoor beleives in satiating the customer in all senses and not only the taste. Our chefs endeavr to create a variety of savory clay oven barbecued dishes and exotic curries to tantallize your taste buds. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Tandoor Indian Grill 3300 South 729 East
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